USW Online Print Store

Our online print store creates accessible print opportunities online for staff and students at the University of South Wales.

Simply click on the icon or link below, log in, select a print service, upload a file and checkout using a cost code, PO number or credit/debit card. We have a wide range of products and services that are affordable, professionally finished and available for collection or delivery. 

If you are unsure of how to get started, we have put together an easy to follow guide below, so check this out before you click to start your journey.

How to guide 

Using USW Print & Design’s on-line store 

  1. Open up your Internet browser
  2. Type in   
  3. Log into the site by clicking on the Login button (top right-hand side of the screen)
  • Click on the Single Sign-On button
  • Sign in with your University ID and Password

Printing Options

  1. Select the Printing and Binding option if you want your document to be bound
  2. Select Thesis Printing and Binding if you want your document Premium Hardback or Premium Softback Bound with Gold or Silver Foil text on the cover
  3. Select Printing Only option if you want your document to be left loose

Printing and Binding Examples

Print and Tape Bind
Choose this option if you want your document bound with a card on the back, a clear film on the front and bound together with an adhesive strip on the side

A4 mono print and tape.png

A4 or A5 Saddle Stitched or Square Edge Booklet 
Choose this option if you want your A4/A5 Finished Booklet with a wraparound cover - stapled centre 

saddle stitch.tif

Thesis Printing and Binding Examples

Premium Hardback Binding

Choose this option if you want your documents bound with Premium Hardback Covers with foil text

Hard back Binding.png

Premium Softback Binding

Choose this option if you want your documents bound with Premium Softback Covers with foil text

 Soft Back Binding.png

Printing Examples

Standard Printing
Choose this option if you want your documents left loose (no binding) 

standard printing.png

Large Format Posters

Choose this option if you want A0, A1 and A2 Posters

large format main images.png

Please Note - Important Information Regarding Colour & Mono Option:

Once you have selected the option you require, you will need to decide if you want it printed all in Black and white (Mono), all in Colour or in Colour & Mono (Mixed Colour & Mono)


Mixed Colour & Mono

This option defaults to black and white so any page(s) you require in colour must be selected individually and changed to colour.  To do this click on the Thumbnail View (at the bottom of the screen above the Total Price) and click on the page you want changing to colour.  Simply selecting colour in the Print Options charges all pages at the colour print cost, which will be more expensive.


Take note of the instructions on each page - You will find further information about the various sections by hovering over  in the submission window

4.     Once you have selected the options you require, click on the Buy Now button

5.     Next click on Add Files 

6.     Select Upload Files - If you want to add more files click on Add More Files - Click on Done

7.     Add your name and type in the quantity you require

Print Options

8.     Select the paper you want (under Media) - Thickness – Size - Colour

        a.     Colour (Print in Colour/Slides) -  Only available if you have selected the Mixed Colour and Mono option – see instructions on page 3

9.     Duplex - select single-sided or double-sided

10.   Orientation - select Portrait or Landscape

Front & Back Covers

It all depends on the option you’ve selected earlier for what will be available to you here

11.   Front Cover 

12.   Back Cover (tape/wire/comb you would select Blank Card)

13.   Wraparound Cover 

Finishing Options

It all depends on the option you’ve selected earlier for what will be available to you here

14.   USW Style Cover – greyed out if you haven’t selected a Font cover (no. 11 above)

15.   Binding Edge 

16.   Binding (Print and Tape option only) 

17.   Special Pages and Special Instructions – let us know about any special printing you require

Optional Extra

It all depends on the option you have selected earlier if this is available to you

18.   Clear Cover – select clear cover to protect your document (for tape/wire/comb binding)

19.   Special Pages and Special Instructions might appear here instead of Finishing Options

Check your document and the Price before adding to Cart

20.    Click on the Thumbnail View (see page 3 for instructions) to review your document

21.    Underneath the Thumbnail View you will see the Total Price

22.    Once everything is ok click on Add to Cart and click on I Agree 


Paying for your order

23.    Select the date you would like your order to be ready by 

24.    Click on Proceed to Checkout

          a.     Select internal delivery or collect at store 

          b.     If this is your first time to use our store you would need to fill out the form

          c.     In the Delivery Instructions, let us know any delivery information  

          d.     Click on Save – you cannot proceed any further unless you click on save

25.     Click on Proceed to Checkout

26.     Select your payment method – Click on Place My Order


Confirmation of Order

27.    You will receive an email from us confirming your order