Large format Posters

We are able to print posters from A2 up to A0 and can also print specific customised sizes to your individual requirements. Both matt and gloss stock is available. If you have never put a poster for presentation together before, below are some helpful hints and tips to guide you through.

Diagrams and pictures

If you are using a photograph or diagram in your poster you should ensure they are good quality and saved in the correct format. They should be 300dpi jpgs or tiff with the file colour settings saved to CMYK and not RGB. 


For portrait posters text should be laid out in a minimum of two columns, for posters larger than A2 (A1 or A0), and three columns may be more suitable. When creating an A2 landscape poster you should use a minimum of three columns and four if using A1 or A0. If using a coloured or patterned background, you should consider a pale colour.


Always pick a font that is simple and easy to read, Arial, Helvetica and Times are some suitable examples. Font size is important when creating large format posters, the minimum point size you should use depends on the size of your poster. Please use guide below, posters should always have a large main heading and each section should have a sub heading:

A2: Title 35pt | sub-heading 20pt | body text 16pt

A1: Title 50pt | sub-heading 26pt | body text 20pt

A0: Title 60pt | sub-heading 35pt | body text 25pt